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Ultra calendar toggle  by alias-kanas
Ultra calendar toggle
A date meter that hides or displays my calendar (…) on click.
Or any other skin if you change the "LeftMouseUpAction" line in the ini file. The command "!toggle" toggles the skin contained in the specified folder. If there are subfolders you have to specify them too, separated by an antislash. For example :

LeftMouseUpAction=[!Toggle "Illustro\Clock"]

It will toggle the ini file contained in the "clock" folder. Additionally you can replace Leftmouseupaction with any other action listed here :…

And you can toggle several skins with one action, just add them after the first action with square brackets :
LeftMouseUpAction=[!Toggle "Illustro\Clock"][!Toggle "Illustro\Calendar"]

If I may add, you can also use the AutoHotkey software to toggle a skin with the keyboard shortcut of your choice. Download link :
How to map a keyboard shortcut to toggle a Rainmeter skin (it's very simple):…

If you have any question regarding the customization of skins or AutoHotkey don't be shy, you can also pm me on reddit, under LordMcFly.
Ultra Calendar with notes - Rainmeter by alias-kanas
Ultra Calendar with notes - Rainmeter
Who doesn't need a calendar  with notes ? I was awfully surprised to see that they are almost non existent in the rainmeter landscape so I took some pieces of code here and there and created this. I hope it will be useful to some people beside me.
Inspector Spacetime clock and date - Rainmeter by alias-kanas
Inspector Spacetime clock and date - Rainmeter
I wanted a simple clock with completion bars for hour (blue) and minute (white). I left several images for the ticks and numbers, including one with a mark at each number and one with no number and only marks. At the moment of the screen shot it was 11:10.

Feel free to invert the two bars if you prefer the inner bar displaying the minutes and  the outter one the hours  by simply inverting the "Valuereminder" of Awesomeminutebar and Awesomehourbar.
Ultimate Stargate widget - Rainmeter 2 - Rainmeter by alias-kanas
Ultimate Stargate widget - Rainmeter 2 - Rainmeter
An alternate version of a Stargate widget for Rainmeter with each button being clicked to make a symbol appear and the last one activate the gate. Original :
Ultimate Stargate widget - Rainmeter by alias-kanas
Ultimate Stargate widget - Rainmeter
This is a Rainmeter skin created by 99villages: modified as a fun and clickable widget (and a bit bigger). Each orange button can be clicked and turn blue plus the gate can be activated or deactivated by clicking the top button.
Enjoy the intergalactic travel !


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